Four Things Most New Bar Owners Forget

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Opening a bar or restaurant is stressful. Unexpected costs, delays, permits, and coordinating multiple contractors is a time-consuming, expensive situation to navigate. The reality is that most business owners learn by trial and error. By bringing in an expert you can avoid our industry’s costly learning curve. Our consultants have launched everything from fine dining to cafes, from speakeasies to burger jointts.

Here’s four areas we see frequently neglected:

Four things most bar owners forget

#1 - Don't neglect your point-of-sales

A surprising number of restaurants take full advantage of their point-of-sales. Even more don’t have their POS programmed completely by opening day. Not only is it unnecessary waste of critical time but it will inevitably end up in accounting and reporting errors as well.

#2 - Spark interest you open

Creating a buzz on social media and in the press can enable your new bar or restaurant to maximize early revenue and maintain momentum long after you’ve opened. Investing in effective marketing and branding will enable you to build anticipation and fill your new restaurant on opening day.

#3 - Remember the incidentals

Don’t neglect to budget for and source bar tools, cleaning goods, office supplies, and other incidental items that will be needed around your new restaurant. Too often the little things get forgotten in bar and restaurant launches. It’s not the first thing people typically think about, but bars need envelopes, staplers, paper towels, and first aid kits in order to function. Thinking ahead and planning for the sourcing of these materials prevents you from wasting time and money by running to the closest store and paying a premium for them.

#4 - Nail the launch date

Set a realistic launch date and stick to it. While the pressure to open the doors and begin making back your investment is understandable, the value of being able to plan around and promote a realistic launch date can not be understated. A realistic launch date leaves some flexibility for inevitable delays around permits and contractors. While it might be tempting to rush your opening, making sure you have enough time and money set aside for training your new staff and conducting ‘soft openings’ will make sure you are prepared to be successful from day one.

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