The Right People: Hiring and Training Your Personnel

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A bar is only as successful as it’s employees. Despite efforts of owners to create guest experiences based on the design of the menu, the ambiance of your decor, and carefully crafted steps of service, the people you hire will ultimately decide your business’s success or failure. I’ve never met a successful restaurant owner who didn’t attribute their success to their employees or their team as a a whole.

At Express & Discard Consulting, our consultants have decades of interviewing, hiring, and training experience. We’ve heard it all. Trust me. We can help you weed through the inevitable unqualified and downright fraudulent applications and find employees worth investing in. Although it can be hard to avoid Craigslist and online sources altogether, the more you can leverage your own professional networks as well as tapping into professional organizations and guilds, the more success you’ll have in attracting more passionate and professional applicants.

Build a culture of

Even with the right employees in place, retaining talent and building a great team takes effort, patience, and consistency. One thing that sets apart innovative companies of all industries is that their culture is one that encourages personal development and allows their employees to be passionate about their jobs. The positive effects of encouraging this type of environment can’t be understated. Better morale, reduced theft, increased sales, increased check averages, better customer service, increased job performance…. are just some of the benefits of providing employees with these types of nurturing environments.

Our consultants can help you get that spark ignited behind your bar via staff training as well as help empower you to keep the passion alive and self-sustaining long after we leave. Learn more about how Express & Discard Consulting can help you get the most from your your staff.