Stand Out in a Crowd: Growing Your Alcohol Sales in a Saturated Market

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New York City is a tough place to run a business. New York City drinkers have about 55,000 other options on where they can purchase a drink besides your establishment. At Express & Discard Consulting, our consultants can help your bar or restaurant stand out from the thousands of other business competing for your customers drinking money. We can work with your staff and reexamine your menu and pricing strategies to provide you with cost-effective options to impress your guests and keep them coming back. 

Standards for alcoholic beverage consumption in this city are high. The drinking trends established in the city’s hottest bars go on be the drinking trends of the rest of the country. Our consultants are not only at the forefront of toady’s cocktail trends but are participating in their creation. 

The explosion of high-end craft breweries in this city has added to increased expectation of high quality from local beer drinkers. Bars centered around solid craft beer programs can be some of the most profitable venues in the current environment and the vast majority of bars attempting to tap into this market are missing the mark. Our consultants can bring your venue back on track, by integrating on-trend innovations while still remaining true to your identity.

Tapping into Quality-Conscious Consumers

The effect of changing drinking trends goes beyond bars, restaurants, and other on-premise venues. Liquor stores and convenience stores in particular are failing to connect with better informed consumers and are missing out on the higher prices these customers are willing to spend. At Express & Discard Consulting, we have purchased millions of dollars worth of alcohol and have decades of buying experience under our belts. Never trust your liquor and beer reps to design your beverage program!

Learn more about how Express & Discard Consulting can help you stand out of the crowd.