Six Pitfalls to Avoid in Craft Beer Programs

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Craft beer has permeated American drinking culture in nearly all areas. Solid profit margins and increasingly informed customers demand that craft beer’s role be taken seriously, despite the setting. Despite the rewards of offering a solid craft beer programs, many bars fall victim to these six common mistakes. 

Bad Pricing

Setting your prices too high or too low costs your business money in one way or another. High prices will drive your customers into the hands of your competitors and low prices will destroy your profit margins. Knowing exactly what margins your concept demands is essential to implementing a successful craft beer pricing strategy.

Boring Selection

Craft beer nerds seek variety and the chance to try quality beers they haven’t had before. If you’re relying on the same stale craft brands that were popular twenty years ago to excite the newer generation of beer aficionados, you’re sure to come up short. Seasonal releases, one-offs, and collaborations will keep your patrons coming back for the next big thing.

Glassware Problems

A proper craft beer program necessitates several different sizes of glassware. Some beers just can’t be served in pint glasses due to high costs and alcohol percentages. Because of this, picking the optimal glassware is a necessary first step towards an effective pricing strategy. In addition, craft beer demands a higher level of glassware cleanliness that many bars aren’t physically equipped to deliver.

Budget Draft Systems

Poorly installed draft systems cost bar owners infinitely more than they’ve ever saved them. A difference of just a few percent in yield can amount to thousands of dollars over the course of a single year. Due to it’s direct impact on yield and difficulty in replacing, a draft system is one of the last places you should try to save money. Use a reputable draft installation team like Draft Choice in New York City whose work you can see in action.

Dirty Lines

Any reputable craft beer bar will tell you that regular line cleanings are a prerequisite to being taken seriously. While there is some difference of opinion lines need to cleaned at least every three weeks. Make sure you’re working with someone who knows your draft system well and cares enough to clean it in a way that maximizes its lifespan. We again recommend Draft Choice here in the city.

Uneducated Staff

Wading through sixteen or more lines of craft beer from an unending stream of new breweries is a lot to keep up with even for dedicated craft beer enthusiasts. Because of this, it’s essential that your staff is knowledgeable enough to convey product information and make quality recommendations. Regular education and guided tastings are essential in maintaining a workforce that will make the most of your craft beer program.

If you’d like to make sure you’re getting the most from your beer program. contact us now for a free initial consultation.