Raise the Bar: Improving Standards

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Our industry is changing quickly and many bar and restaurant owners are having difficulties keeping up with changing demographics and consumer trends. Today’s customers are more educated on both food and alcohol than they were five or even two years ago. In a rush to keep up with these changes many establishments have attempted to keep up by rushing out inferior cocktail menus, poorly curated ‘craft’ beer programs, or have attempted in vain to promote farm-to-table jalapeno poppers.

Knowing your limitations doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Not every bar needs to make their own house bitters. Usually, the plethora of quality, commercially-available bitters options are more than sufficient. Not every bar needs thirty different craft beers on their menu. However, there are very few situations however where a bar wouldn’t benefit from having a couple core craft styles such as an IPA or stout available as well as at least one easy-drinking, approachable lager. At Express & Discard Consulting we pride ourselves on our ability to identify the right level of balance for your establishment’s identity and customer base.

Our consultants can help you increase the value of your product, both real and perceived, without changing your image.  By selecting the right spirits, training staff, and encouraging a culture of learning behind your bar these improvements can typically be achieved in ways that simultaneously increase the value of your product while reducing the cost of production.

Learn more about how Express & Discard Consulting can help upgrade your beverage program.