A good food or drink menu is a road map instructing your guests how to travel within your food and beverage program. It should highlight points of interest, provide a tour of your domain, and most importantly direct your customers to places they want to go. 

Menu Development

Express & Discard Food and Beverage Consulting


When developing cocktail menus, our consultants don’t stop at delicious. Memorable, on-trend cocktails are an excellent way to wow guests and create brand awareness.

Our NYC Restaurant Consultants save your business money.


While others rely on over-priced spirits and gimmicks to impress guests with mediocre cocktails, our beverage programs emphasize dilution, fresh ingredients, and meticulous execution. Quality and cost do not go hand in hand in the spirits world. Our consultants know which brands offer high value at low price points and which brands are capable of offsetting costs with brand support and marketing opportunities.


Your business is complex and unique. We won’t lose sight of the forest as we help you plant trees. Additionally, your bar or restaurant’s concept, branding, location, and infrastructure are factored into every plan we make.


Our consultants have the experience behind the bar and the market awareness to develop innovative cocktail programs that will grab your customer’s attention and keep them coming back.