Before they smell, see, or taste your product, your customer is already forming opinions based simply on your menu design. The language you use, the placement of items, even the font you use– greatly impact your bottom line. Take your menu to the next level with Express & Discard Consulting.


Using your existing costing analysis (or doing our own) we can layout your menu to promote sales of high-profit or low-prep items generating thousands of dollars in additional income for a small business over the course of a year.

brand cohesion

A taco truck doesn’t need a leather-bound spirits list and a Michelin-starred restaurant shouldn’t have laminated dinner menu. Your menus are frequently your guest’s first impression of your establishment and may be the only deciding factor when deciding whether to visit. Let us help you put your best foot forward with professional menus that convey the passion you put into your food and beverage program.


The large amount of information that needs to be conveyed on most menus can be challenging to display in a manner that’s legible and coherent. Frequently this leads to menus that are difficult to read or fail to capture the customer’s attention. Let our designers use their decades of experience to make you a menu that is both elegant and functional.