Relying solely on word-of-mouth may pay off in the long run, but effective marketing can greatly accelerate your growth.

Why play the long game if you don’t have to?

Food & Beverage Marketing

Express & Discard Food and Beverage Consulting


While the majority of clients we work with have a professionally designed logo, few have a full brand book and fewer still utilize their brand book to inform design and marketing decisions. We can help you turn your logo into a brand and your brand into an icon.

Web Presence

Social media presents a huge marketing opportunity that most bars and restaurants treat completely haphazardly. With Express & Discard, you can count on a strategic social media plan and web presence that elevates your brand awareness and attracts new customers.

We also offer on-going social media management services for those that prefer to focus their attentions elsewhere.

Event Planning

Special events, festivals, and parties are essential components to promoting your establishment. These events present unique challenges and opportunities that can make or break an event. Our experts know how to avoid pitfalls and how to maximize your budget without sacrificing quality.

Brand Cohesion

From interior decorating to menu design, your brand should be informing all of your decisions. Too many establishments fail to captivate their audience because the guest experience is confused and incoherent. Our consultants can help you identify inconsistencies and missed opportunities.