Whether you need a simple cocktail menu or your complete front of house operations designed, staffed, and trained–

Express & Discard Consulting provides affordable, quality consultation to insure you hit the ground running on opening day.


Bar & Restaurant Launch Solutions

Concept Development

Many struggling New York City bars and restaurants find out too late that their core concept was either not a profitable business model or that their wasn’t a demand for it in the location that they chose to open their doors. We can help you hone in on your concept and create informed financial projections based on your business model, location, and physical infrastructure.

Project Management

Juggling contractors, architects, designers, vendors, deliveries, government agencies, employees… This is the daily reality of opening a bar in New York City. Let us take some weight off your shoulders by coordinating your bar or restaurant launch.

Site Selection

No single decision you make in your bar or restaurant launch will dictate the terms of your business to the extent that your location choice will. Our consultants can identify the hidden costs and limitations of a potential site. We’ll make sure your concept will work with the existing infrastructure or figure out the costs of upgrading. We can calculate the number of seats you’ll be able to fit and make sure your bar, kitchen, and storage are up to task.

Equipment Selection

Choosing the wrong dishwasher or draft system can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year. The equipment you choose will define the abilities and limitations of your food and beverage programs. We know where to focus your limited budget in order to insure your concept is executed effectively and efficiently. From glassware to freezers, video surveillance to your point-of-sales — our consultants can help you find the tools you need to succeed at the lowest possible price.

Spirit Curation

If you want your backbar to serve as more than a decoration let our experts curate your bar’s spirit selection. Whiskey, rum, tequila, or gin– our consultants know their spirits and they know which brands can offer support in the form of marketing, events, and staff education.

Beverage Programs

Our consultants have worked in the best cocktail, craft beer, spirit-forward, ice, and wine programs in New York City. We know how to impress your guests and how to do it in a way that maintains margins your competitors would envy.