Within the competitive New York City market, it’s important to make sure your bar and restaurant staff is receiving the best training in order to insure success. 

Express & Discard Consulting hosts some of the most talented bartenders, managers, and purchasers in the city. From exotic spirits to craft beer… customer service to point-of-sales training… our consultants are here to make sure your staff is fully prepared to compete in an unforgiving marketplace.

Staff Education & Training

Express & Discard Food and Beverage Consulting

Bigger Checks

Whether you’re running a speakeasy in Manhattan or a restaurant with a small bar in Queens, your staff’s knowledge of the products they sell determines your check averages.

Impress Guests

Customers are educated, and their expectations are high. Bar programs that fail to keep up with this trend will miss countless opportunities to increase sales and set themselves apart in a saturated marketplace.

Customer Retension

If your guests aren’t being served a quality product and being treated well, they probably won’t come back. Express & Discard Consulting can help you address poor product quality, customer service failures, and inefficient procedures that are driving your customers into the arms of your competition.

With our consultants in your corner, you can take your bar or restaurant’s menu to the next level with data-driven, functional design that gets you noticed, even in New York City.

Our consultants work with New York City’s best product videographers to unleash the hidden beauty of your food and beverage program.