When unaddressed, small problems can become very expensive. Express & Discard Consulting will identify areas within your food or beverage program in which you’re not receiving a sufficient return on your investment. Inefficient methods can cost time, money, and guest satisfaction. Our consultants can analyze your costs, inventory, and pricing to find problem areas that are preventing you from getting the most out of your bar’s infrastructure and your staff– allowing you to stay profitable in the highly competitive New York City food and beverage industry.

Data-Driven Business Modeling & Profitability Analysis


Bars and restaurants that successfully employ technological solutions to the challenges our industry faces are few and far between. Whether it’s failing to take advantage of free marketing opportunities via social media or lost time due to outdated systems, your business can have a leg up on your competitors by allowing us to integrate simple, user-friendly technological solutions into your restaurant.

Inventory Controls

In the competitive New York City market, every last penny counts. By organizing your inventory and analyzing your food costs we’ll figure just how much of your profit is slipping down the drain. Using our decades of experience, we’ll also ascertain where your money is winding up and take steps to prevent further spillage.

Cost Analysis

Up to 80% of restaurant owners are unaware of both their planned and actual product costs. This data is crucial to making informed decisions around pricing, forecasting, and menu placement. Our consultants have the experience to quickly calculate your food and beverage costs.